First Attempt Failed

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First Attempt Failed

Postby HarryStottle » 17 May 2016, 15:53

another refugee from Dropbox just trying out the system.

Installation and setup very smooth. UI looks clean and relatively intuitive. First impression favourable.

Decided to try simple test. Created Space on one workstation, put about 5 gb of files into it.
Set up Teamdrive on second workstation, but logged into the account I'd set up on the first. Although it obviously recognised me and let me log in, the Space I'd set up on W1 appears (on W2) with "Out of disk space on Server" and none of the files have synced to the W2 space.

1 Am I wrong to believe that the space limit is 10 Gb for the free client? (if not, why the "out of disk space" message?)
2 Why no synchronisation (even of the lower limit if there is one)?
3 What basic step am I missing?
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Re: First Attempt Failed

Postby HarryStottle » 17 May 2016, 16:03

think I just partially answered my own question. The version I'm trialling is just the Client - which, I've just learned, only has a 2 Gb limit. The 10 Gb applies to the Personal Server.

Should I uninstall and start again? Or can I install the server on W1, have it "take over" the space I've created and then access that space using the Client version on W2?
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Re: First Attempt Failed

Postby Kenneth » 18 May 2016, 13:40

Due to the 2 GB limit the client will not sync beyond your free 2 GB limit. So, if you load 5 GB of data into your Space, the client will discontinue syncing once it has reached or exceeded the 2 GB limit (this also applies to the TDPS). Right now it is best if you simply delete the Space from the server.

You are welcome to install a TDPS. Please be advised it is no possible to transfer a Space from server to server. To move a Space to another server you need to re-upload it to the desired server. When installing the TDPS, please follow the instructions outlined in the TDPS instruction manual:

Once you install the server you will need to add the server to your client. This information is also outlined in the client manual. The client manual is posted here in the forum,, as well as in PDF form on our website.
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Re: First Attempt Failed

Postby Jay Klinge » 15 Jun 2017, 12:02

Thank you for the info. Everything is clear now!
Jay Klinge
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