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Restructure Spaces?

PostPosted: 24 Sep 2014, 13:31
by krism
We are in the process of restructuring our spaces: renaming directories, moving directories (also between spaces). These Spaces and directories contain a lot of files (around 15GB). We experience a lot of problems while doing this, for example re-appearing moved directories in original location, TeamDrive not syncing to all users, etc.

What would be the best way to do the restructuring?

Thanks in advance.


Re: Restructure Spaces?

PostPosted: 26 Sep 2014, 13:39
by Kenneth
Directories can reappear if a directory is moved by one user but there is another user with a file from that directory still open on their machine. If files are in use they cannot be synced. This would function best one none of the files are open or in use during the process. It may be better to make the changes a Space at a time in order to give your colleagues a short heads up that files in said Space need to be left alone for a period of time. That will also create less traffic at once. Also, if it is convenient, one user could make the changes when most or all people are out of the office so then there is no interference. Everyone else will receive the changes in the morning once TeamDrive connects to the internet. They will ,of course, need to allow everything to be moved before they start to work with the files, otherwise they will not be able to be moved.

Re: Restructure Spaces?

PostPosted: 17 Jun 2019, 13:39
by Kenneth
Updated information on best practices when it comes to restructuring Spaces: