Some newbie TD questions...

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Some newbie TD questions...

Postby marksibly » 20 Jul 2015, 01:15


I have just discovered teamdrive after having subjected myself to dropbox and the 'copy' for some time now, and so far it looks amazing!

I have never used anything like this before so it's a little bewildering at first, but I think I've got the basic idea. However, a few quick questions:

I set up a little 'test' space on the PC, simply by using 'convert folder to space' in the folders context menu. I could then access this folder on the Mac by activating an inactive space (or something like that). However, I later decided to relocate the folder on the Mac, so I 'left' the space - but then it wasn't listed under inactive spaces any more and I couldn't activate it again.

I got around this by sending myself an invitation from the PC, which worked but I'm a little confused - what if I were to leave the space on the PC too? Would it be gone forever?!?

Another quick question: there wouldn't happen to be a '.gitignore' style system in there? That would just make my year, although I'm kind of used to working around that by now. I'm a lone coder, so there's a lot of large tmp files involved in what I do. I'm used to having dropbox etc sync these pointlessly, but man it'd be nice to fix that.

Anyway, barring any major catastrophe's, I'll definitely be buying a license very soon!

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Re: Some newbie TD questions...

Postby Kenneth » 21 Jul 2015, 15:25

By leaving the Space you "left" the Space and didn't deactivate the Space. To deactivate the Space you need to expand the Space, select i and deactivate the Space from there.

To move a Space you need to quit TeamDrive, move the Space, start TeamDrive (the Space will have a blue triangle with an explanation point), expand the Space and select 'i', update the Space path.

If you leave on both machines the Space still remains on the server and can be accessed as long as you have the keys we do not have access to your keys so it's best that you back them up. There is a key repository function already described here in the forum. You can also see a description of the Key Repository in the client itself. From the settings menu select "backup". At the top you will see a description of the key repository and have the option to disable it. By default it's enabled. In the lower portion of the screen you can import your keys either from you local disk or from the server. The local keys are stored in Spaces > Backup.

No. There isn't a '.gitignore' style system in TD
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