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Used Storage over 1GB When All Spaces Deleted

PostPosted: 21 Jul 2018, 14:11
by Barry

I used Teamdrive some time ago however subsequently I used another solution. I deleted the one space I had (1.1GB in size) from the server and deleted trash in my Teamdrive personal account. I did not delete my account, just left it empty.

I now wish to use Teamdrive again and have installed the Teamdrive client. On opening the client, current storage is noted as 0GB with a 2GB limit however when I create a new space with a small text file to test the a/c is still ok, the amount of storage used immediately jumps to 1.1GB - which is incorrect. I can delete the space and current storage drops to zero again. If I upload the very small file again, back to 1.1GB storage used.

It's as though when I deleted the space some time ago and trash, teamdrive seems to think it still exists when creating / uploading a new space and adds the previous storage back, but not the space of course as that does not exist. I've also checked this via the web and whilst the new space contains 0 bytes Used Storage is showing as 1.1GB

Any help on deleting this 'phantom' storage would be appreciated.


Re: Used Storage over 1GB When All Spaces Deleted

PostPosted: 23 Jul 2018, 11:04
by Kenneth
The amount of storage used on the depot is displayed as long as there is an active Space in TeamDrive, which uses the same depot. It does not mean the new Space is using that amount of storage but, instead, that this amount of storage has been used on the depot. It's very possible, that you have Spaces on your depot, that were not deleted from the server. If you provide me with your username I can check for you. Otherwise, try importing your backup files from the server and checking "inactive Spaces". If anything was imported, you will find it there. You will then need to activate the Spaces first and then delete the from the server. To import Spaces from a backup file or from the server, go to the TeamDrive settings, click on backup and click on import. You should try importing the backup files from the server first.

Re: Used Storage over 1GB When All Spaces Deleted

PostPosted: 23 Jul 2018, 15:56
by Barry
Hi Kenneth

As you suggested, there were inactive spaces on the server, although they did not show initially on the application when reinstalled on my pc, or the web access page. When I used it previously I was on v3 software so maybe it took some time for v4 to sync with the Teamdrive server.

Inactive spaces subsequently reappeared so I reactivated and deleted - all now ok!

Many thanks