Version Conflicts

Errors in TeamDrive are easily identifiable and are marked with a bold exclamation point centered in the middle of a triangle (see icon glossary). The error icon can appear next to Spaces, folders, files and file versions. To see a description of the error, expand (desktop and tablet computers) or swipe the Space, folder or file from either right-to-left or left-to-right (mobile devices) and go to the “Information” screen by selecting “I”. Once on the “Information” screen, click or tap the error icon to reveal an error description at the bottom of the screen.

Version Conflicts

Postby Kenneth » 29 Jan 2016, 15:47

Version conflicts can occur when a file is simultaneously in use by multiple parties and a new version for the file is saved and uploaded from two separate locations. It is also possible to have version conflicts with a single user if the user has multiple TeamDrive installations.

A quick and efficient way to locate version conflicts is to use the search function and filter for “Conflicted or Invalid Paths”. Version conflicts can be resolved using the “Make Current” function in the versions list view. “Make Current” makes the selected version the current version and resolves the conflict. Afterwards, TeamDrive will recognize the changes and continue to sync the file just as before.

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