At login screen, first attempt always rejected

At login screen, first attempt always rejected

Postby DriveTeam » 03 May 2016, 13:58


If I need to "quit and logout" from TD3 (v3.3.2) and then try to log in again, the following always happens:

- on the first try, the login screen invariably (each and every time) gives a "Password incorrect" message, no matter how slowly and carefully I have typed the correct password.

- on the second try, the login is always successful (naturally provided that I have entered the correct credentials).

The "Password incorrect" message is not due to typing errors: I have tried dozens of times, also typing verrrrrry slowwwwly, but NEVER succeeded to log in at the first attempt.

NB: My password includes some umlauted characters (i.e. wovels aAoOuU with two dots), as should be acceptable for German software. Could those characters relate to the error?

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Re: At login screen, first attempt always rejected

Postby Kenneth » 04 May 2016, 13:59

Thank you for this information.

It is possible that the umlauts could be the culprit here but I doubt it. However, I will be sure to try and reproduce this using TeamDrive 4.
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