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invalid folder with trailing blank in its name

PostPosted: 06 Dec 2018, 00:12
by Herbert
Not a bug in TeamDrive. Hope someone comes up with a solution or can give advice.

One of the folders that I share with TeamDrive has the name "_MobileSheets" (without the quotes). Somehow, probably by a typo or so, we have a folder "_MobileSheets " (with a trailing blank) beside it. The folder with the trailing blank is reported by TeamDrive as invalid. It is hard to decide in Windows Explorer which is the correct one and which one is the erroneous one.
I want to get rid of that wrong folder. I deleted it several times on my client computers, renamed it, deleted it after renaming it, but nothing solved the issue so far. That ghost folder appears again and again.
What can I do to remove that folder?

Re: invalid folder with trailing blank in its name

PostPosted: 07 Dec 2018, 19:12
by Kenneth
On Mac it's possible to create folders with spaces at the end of the name. On Windows this isn't possible. If the Mac user creates this folder in the file system or makes this change in the file system, TeamDrive will sync the changes and the Mac user won't notice it. Windows users, however, will notice this because Windows won't allow this folder to be put in the file system. Folders created via the TeamDrive client do not allow this.

You can simply rename one of the folders with an "_" at the end of the true name, for example, to allow it to sync. Then you can see which one is the correct and manually merge them. If you choose to merge them, shut down the TeamDrive client first and then make all the necessary changes. Once you are completely finished making all changes, start TeamDrive and allow the client to sync all the changes. Also, while the changes are being made, no one should be working in that folder and no files in that folder should be open. This will lead to complications.