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TeamDrive is fast, secure, end-to-end encrypted storage for all your files. Your files can be safely and securely accessed and synchronized via Windows, Mac OS X and Linux desktop clients as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.

Once TeamDrive is installed you can either create Spaces from scratch or convert existing folders into Spaces in as little as three mouse clicks. Your files and folders remain in your file system and can be opened and edited as usual. Meanwhile, TeamDrive automatically:
- Creates encrypted backups of the monitored Space folders and syncs them with the host server.
- Synchronizes all (shared) data with invited Space members.
- Stores old versions of edited files on the server (file versioning).
- Encrypts and compresses your files before they are synced.

TeamDrive gives you the freedom to create Spaces only for you, create Spaces for yourself and others and join invitations to Spaces created by other users. Additionally, you can synchronize data across Windows, Mac OS X and Linux desktop platforms as well as iOS and Android mobile devices, on which you are using a TeamDrive client registered under the same username.
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