Additional Column in Activity Message Log

Additional Column in Activity Message Log

Postby c273 » 25 Sep 2012, 13:23

Please would you add an extra column in the Activity Message panel - maybe called 'Action'.

When referring to a file or directory, it could have one of the following values: Created, Modified or Deleted - meaning that the file/directory was created or deleted by TeamDrive or that the file was modified by TeamDrive (i.e. another user had changed it and TeamDrive had replaced the current file by that new version). There could be a fourth option if the file was replaced by a previous version either because the user specifically requested this including to resolve a previous conflict. This could be someting like "Reverted".

This would allow the log to be sorted by clicking on the log header, as is the case with the current columns, and the action recorded would be easily determined. Currently, the icons in the first column are not that clear (much too similar - for example I would expect an 'Added' file to have a big green '+' in its icon and the 'Deleted' file to have a big red 'x' in its icon, although I am not sure what you would use for 'Modified').

Sorting by date does not provide the same functionality.

Thank you.

PS. The current column "Date" is misleading in my opinion and not specific enough. It is really the file/directory "Creation Date".
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