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How to disable shell extension logging in Windows

PostPosted: 08 Oct 2020, 10:19
by Detlef Schmuck
Windows only: Some users experienced increasing logfile-sizes and wanted to reduce logging.

That is possible with TeamDrive Client versions and newer (only 4.6.11).
Set the following registry key value to "0" (disable) or "1" (enable)
You need to add the reg key "logging" and with the name "shellext" and the value "0"


ShellExtLoggingOff = 0,
ShellExtLoggingNetwork = 1,
ShellExtLoggingDebug = 2,
ShellExtLoggingTrace = 3

In TeamDrive Client 4.6.12 and newer there will be a teamdrive.settings parameter, instead.
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Windows Client Logging:
Ab TeamDrive Client kann das Shell Extension logging über folgenden Registry Schlüssel abgeschaltet werden, um die Logfile Größe zu reduzieren.
Setzen Sie den Registry Key Wert auf "0" (ausschalten) oder "1" (einschalten)