Multiple files moved to trash -No such action made from user

Multiple files moved to trash -No such action made from user

Postby Eduardo_G » 26 Nov 2021, 16:54

Dear Teamdrive Support,

I wanted to raise a question, since I have seen this happen twice now with different users (one in the US, one in Germany, same computer setup as other 60+ employees).

A client reported some files were missing from her personal TD Space, as well as some from other Spaces she has Read/Write access to.
Upon checking on Activities, it appears she moved all the files to the trash from multiple Spaces (3 to be exact) at the same time (1:50 in the morning). I would normally assume this was a mistake on her end, and she did it unknowingly, but this is the second time someone reports a similar issue using version 4.7.1 (Build 3011) for macOS. Both machines were running macOS Catalina 10.15.7.

Is this a known problem, or are you aware of anything that could be causing this?

Many thanks in advance,
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Re: Multiple files moved to trash -No such action made from

Postby Kenneth » 03 Dec 2021, 13:30

This is not a know issue. However, what can cause an issue of such is if a third-party program accessing the files, removes/blocks the files from being visible when TeamDrive scanned the Space. I assume the user's computer is on overnight when this happens. Often a virus scanner can lead to such situations. The files are block by the virus scanner and are no longer available in the Space. TeamDrive scans the Space and the files appear to be missing from the Space. The client interprets this as an action by the user and moves the files to the trash.
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