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Change registration e-mail and user name

PostPosted: 08 Jul 2015, 10:09
by Anke_Mecklenbrauck

I need to change my registration e-mail and possibly my User name as my family name has changed.

I tried already two times to change my registration e-mail, but never received the e-mail that was supposed to be sent with a confirmation link to finalize this change. What shall I do in this case?

About the user name: I understand that it is not possible to change the user name. Is there an option to display a different name within the groups? It would be quite confusing to other members in my spaces to see my old name.

Thanks for your support!


Re: Change registration e-mail and user name

PostPosted: 09 Jul 2015, 10:20
by Kenneth
Hi Anke,

It's not possible to change your username. It is also not possible to change your display name in groups. The reason being is that it would cause confusion when people want to invite you to new Spaces. They would attempt to invite your display name, because this is the only name for you they would know, and TeamDrive would search for this name when, in the end, this name would not be associated with your real account on our servers.

If you would like to change you username you just need to delete your account (that's something we have to do for your from here).

If you would like to just change your e-mail address you should be able to change it in the client. Since that seems to not have worked for you, I can change it for you.

Please send me a PM with your email address and username and let me know if I should change the email address or if I should delete the account completely.