Remote lock / delete of lost devices

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Remote lock / delete of lost devices

Postby serverwolf » 26 Jul 2013, 17:25

Hello Community

We are currently checking if we can use Teamdrive for our Business.

One very important question couldn´t be answered by the FAQ or this Forum:

If one of the Devices gets lost/stolen (Smartphone/Notebook...) how can we:
1. Stop the synchronisation to this Device?
2. Delete the Files which already have been transfered to this Device?

Do we have to delete this User? but then this user cant use any of his/her other devices (hopefully this user has not lost every Notebook, Tablet, Phone which is synced via Teamdrive).
So deleting a User and reinstallation on every (remaining) client would take some Time and efford, which we would like to avoid.

But even if we delete this user, the files which are on this lost/stolen Device still remain on it. Not very secure...

Are there any possibilitys i have missed?
Is such a Feature planed for future releases?


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Re: Remote lock / delete of lost devices

Postby Kenneth » 29 Jul 2013, 14:09

In the administrator's console you have the ability to delete and wipe devices. You answer to question 1 and 2 would be to just wipe the device and delete the device.

The admin console is, however, only available for users using our Enterprise Server solution.

You would not have to delete the user, only that particular device.

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