Download / Print Activity Data

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Download / Print Activity Data

Postby RZangs » 24 Nov 2013, 10:22


in the context of exchanging documents between law firms / clients using TeamDrive it is required (desired) to have in a physical file (German: "Akte" ;) ) a detailed documentation about what has been exchanged. The Activities Monitor provides the required information, however, without an option to download and store the activity related information or to print that information.

Therefore, what I suggest as a feature is allowing the download / print out of information relating to activities selected in the Activities Monitor list comprising data similar to what is shown in the details window of the Activity Monitor.

If there is a way to obtain the above activity related information for being placed in a physical file (Akte ;) ), which I am not aware of, please consider this feature proposal as a help request ;) and provide some guidance on how to obtain that information using the current version of TeamDrive. :)


Best regards
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Re: Download / Print Activity Data

Postby Kenneth » 28 Nov 2013, 17:04

You can probably find all that information in the log file as well. You just need to open up the log file and you can see the events in there as well.
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