Feature: Space in Space

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Feature: Space in Space

Postby frogli » 20 Aug 2014, 12:58

Hi Teamdrive-Team

First let me start with saying that we love your product. Keep up the great work! :D

And now here is my list of "nice to have". :twisted:

  • A roadmap of the features you are working.
  • A notification that the feature has been implementet in the next up-date.
  • Last and definitely the most importent request: Space in Space

The Space in Space feature is a must in a corperate environment if you want to completely transfer you complete filing system to Teamdrive. Currently we have to run a parallel system. :shock: Which of course is a huge drawback. So it would really be great if you could let us know if you intend to implement this feature and what the timeline would be.

Thank you

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Re: Feature: Space in Space

Postby Kenneth » 21 Aug 2014, 14:11

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